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Who is Oriri?

Oriri is a Latin word meaning ‘to rise’, ‘originate from’, or ’emerge’.

That’s me! 🙂

Hi, I’m Aditi. Oriri is my pen name.
I’m a writer and a curious learner passionate about all aspects of Life, especially about the unfathomable questions.

The question and the wonder of what life is has puzzled me since I was a kid. I was always curious about everything, but being shy and quiet, I kept the questions within me. Occasionally, I tried to find answers by reading various books. Reading about the life of others, reading stories, reading poetry or classics.

I did start getting a glimpse of what life was about, yet I couldn’t merge the inner world with the outer world around me. Everyone loved and talked about values, honesty, friendship, loving, being kind etc., but very rarely did I see somebody actually applying it. Even I was the same. I couldn’t understand it or my own behaviour.

There was always a conflict of some sort. Between the inner world and the outer one.
It confused me, perplexed me.
I kept behaving the same way as others, in a way that was expected of me. Yet, at times, I would rebel, against others and myself.

Slowly, I learnt to listen to the inner voice of my Heart.
I also started writing. Journal entries, freestyle poems, and also posting on a blog that I kept private.

Writing brought me a clarity, every single time.

I had never thought I would pursue writing as a career or something as a way to help others bring clarity in their lives.
But here I am. 🙂

Educationally, I have a dental degree. I was a dentist and was pursuing my master’s degree in dentistry, when one day, I just decided to stop doing it. It was a spontaneous decision and it shocked me as well as everyone who knew me.
The outer world of college and all that we did was such a hoax, a falseness. It kept colliding with my inner world. I tried to keep at it for more than a year, but ultimately I couldn’t take it anymore. Since that decision, I’ve never felt freer. (More on this later.)

So here I am, a writer embarking on a journey of her own.

Wholeness, Blooming is a blog about that journey.
I want to explore writing and help others with the clarity that I have found at times.

Every life is different. My decisions and opinions may not apply to yours. (Or they might!) But the wisdom about life is always the same. It has been repeated countless times over the centuries, yet knowing it and living it are both different things.

Sometimes we need a little nudge to have that courage, sometimes reading something related to what we’re going through makes a huge difference because it lets us know that we are not alone in this.

What is Wholeness, Blooming! about?

It’s about Life, which is a wholeness in itself, but we get so mystified and fearful about living our lives, managing relationships, studies or work, and all the other aspects of it that we feel lost. So many times.

I’ve felt the same, countless times.

And, often I’ve found answers in the simplest of things.. in and around Nature, while talking to my best friend, in a song lyric or a book quote, or even on Google search. That doesn’t mean I know all the answers, or that I know what exactly Life is. I don’t. Heck, there are still moments when Life perplexes me.
For me, the only thing important is to be willing to learn.
To keep an open mind and to seek answers.

So if you’re a constant learner like me, I welcome you aboard. Even if you’re not, I still welcome you.

As Rumi says,

Come, come, whoever you are,
wanderer, fire worshiper, lover of leaving.
This is not a caravan of despair.
It does not matter that you have broken your vow
a thousand times, still come,
and yet again come.

So no matter who you are, welcome! 🙂

The journey not the destination

I came up with the name Wholeness, Blooming when I saw a beautiful pink lily late one night in a flower shop and wrote this.


Thank you for reading! 🙂
And again, I welcome you to join me on this journey…

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