Somewhere there

in walking alone, with sisters

and with strangers,

gasping for breath

now and again,

trying to capture

the magnificent beauty

of the greens

and the large mountains

with my own eyes,

trying to imprint them

in my memory,

somewhere there

i left all my burdens

and unloaded them

at those steps

of the Taktsang

as i sat


of reaching there,

and within each temple

i closed my eyes

and offered

those demands and expectations 

of the ego,

and to the wish-fulfilling diety

i asked for nothing

except to diminish the ego

coz while thinking what to ask

i realized

i had everything i always wanted

what more is there to ask for..

Somewhere there,

i gave up my conditioned mind

and let my heart open up again..

Somewhere there,

my wishes were granted..

~ Oriri

The Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan.
Green beauty
The path through the mountains

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