There are always certain things that no one tells us about — be it in life or when we travel.

One such thing is tiredness.

From the first day of travel, i couldn’t help but notice the tiredness.

The body felt exhausted by the end of each day; however, the mind and the heart felt peaceful and not tired.

You must be thinking why am i sharing about physical tiredness rather than the exhilarating experience of traveling to Bhutan and of the stay among the mountains..

It was a beautiful experience, no doubt.

But the physical tiredness overwhelmed me a few times, especially in the mornings.

Getting out of the bed and stepping onto the cold floor was the hardest part of the day — until the sip of that freshly brewed tea.

cups of freshly brewed tea

The tea was different than the usual milky tea i am used to having; but that variance made me savor the flavor more.

The milk tea there too had a different aroma and flavor.

Could it have been the slight flavor of the mountain air that somehow got poured into the tea?

Or could it have been the stories infused in the unprocessed tea leaves?

The stories of the tribal people around the tea estates that i had heard from the driver on the way — working each day in those tea gardens, plucking tea leaves, the only way they know to make their living, doing it day after day, year after year..

tea estate, tea garden in india

‘Were they content?’ was the only thought wandering in my mind as the car passed through those estates.

If they were content, happy with their lives — nothing much else mattered.

All the technology, all the progress and advancement…what is the use of that if it takes away our contentment, our happiness?!

A simple happy life does not consist of the poverty or richness in our surroundings, rather it depends on the poverty or richness of our hearts.

Imagining myself in a tea estate, i found it quite full of contentment — plucking tea leaves in the sun or cold. I wouldn’t have had all the luxuries of music or shoes even, of a laptop or a nice comfortable house with electricity and running water all day long, of an iPhone or a shopping mall to roam about.

But even if the luxuries aren’t there, i am certain that i would be quite content in those mountains, working in the tea estates.

Just give me mountains, cold fresh breeze, a freshly brewed cup of tea and the company of my loved one and i’d be content and happy anywhere, doing any work.

What makes you content and happy?


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