Have you visited a place where there is nothing man-made? Just the serenity of Nature..

Or even amidst the human-made things, you sometimes would have come across the spell-bounding beauty of Nature..

And for those few moments, you are speechless, in awe of the vastness and beauty, and a stillness — accompanied by a soothing feeling within the body.

Nature is a wonderful healer.

It not only takes away all the stress of our day-to-day life and relaxes our bodies and mind, but it also gives us a perspective to look at things.

If you look closely enough and contemplate, a budding flower would give you hope.

The clouds passing by remind us of the temporariness of situations that seem difficult to us.

Birds chirping nearby could show you how to be happy in your own world — “Forget what others say or do, just chirp chirp and do what makes you happy.”, the bird would say on some gloomy day.

The Ocean might make us awe-struck with its vastness and endless depth, reminding of the vastness and depth within us.

The setting Sun with its glorious colours may tell a story of a beautiful ending, with the hope of a new morning.

And sometimes, Nature doesn’t illuminate and teach anything. Sometimes, it just lets us be. “Just be”, it conveys with its silence.

We don’t have to become something or someone. Nature never asks us what our identities are — whether we have degrees or names or even our genders. It doesn’t ask us of our successes or failures, nor does it insist on what we should be doing.

It just lets us sit under the shade, under its trees, at its lakes and shores of the ocean without any discrimination or expectations.

And if we stay quiet, soon our minds quieten too. They pull our hearts into a stillness so beautiful — it rejuvenates our minds, bodies and our hearts.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

~ Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

I have always loved Nature, and its stillness for as long as i remember.

There have been many beautiful moments of sitting quietly surrounded by Nature, but few of my favourites are still the mornings spent at a lake in my hometown, Junagadh.

Below are the pictures of the lake. The pictures don’t do justice to the quiet mornings and many insights i found while sitting there.

Paritalav Lake with green leaves around at junagadh
Paritalav lake 💚
Early morning at paritalav lake junagadh
Early mornings

When you feel stressed, burnt out or just plain sad and directionless, seek out healing in nature.

Simply going for a walk and noticing the small wonders around is comforting too.

And if possible, take a trip to somewhere in Nature. Or sit on the roof for a few hours and watch the sky with its clouds, birds and blueness.

Drop all your worries into the lap of Nature and loosen the grip of mindless thoughts.

See and feel what amazing healing powers Nature has in store for you.


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