“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim, you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do, you will sink and drown. Instead, you relax and float.”

~ Alan Watts

I keep forgetting one simple secret Life has taught.

Let it happen. Let life happen.

Instead of letting it happen, i try to hold on to what i think is the right thing to do. I try to hold on to what should happen, what must happen..

And all that holding on to shoulds and musts and expectations, only leads to anger, irritation at littlest of things, and sometimes sadness.

I want so many things from Life, and sometimes i get impatient. But i also have so many things in life — already. Things that i could be grateful for if i focused on them.

I was listening to this audio by Alan Watts, where he says that we have a strange anxiety — that if we don’t interfere, it won’t happen. But existence is spontaneous.

It was like a ta-ding moment! Like a key opened a lock in my mind.

How many times have you observed the spontaneity in Nature? I have done it countless times. Each time, Nature shows how spontaneity is the flow of Life.

A flower blooms, spontaneously.

The breeze blows, on its own.

The water in a stream flows, effortlessly.

The leaves dance around with the breeze, freely.

Even the Earth keeps rotating on its own.

Then why do we try so hard? Why are we taught that putting effort, a lot of effort, is the way to success? Why do we hold on to everything? Why are we so insecure about how Life should go? Why should Life go according to the way we want?

Effort makes us so clutched up. Tightened. Shut off. We try, try, try and then we complain, nag, get angry and irritated that nothing goes our way.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever noticed why and what makes you so angry, irritated and complaining? Dig out the reason.

For me, it mostly turns out to be not getting what i wanted.

The problem is that our egos think that Life should only work the way that we want, that ‘I’ want.

But what if we let go of what should happen and instead let Life happen in its own way?

In the last few years, Life has brought me some surprising and precious joys and moments precisely when i wasn’t expecting those things.. when i wasn’t holding on to how i want things to go.. when i was just letting Life happen.

And whenever i reflect back, i am always the happiest when i don’t hold on to the shoulds, musts, and expectations (of my own or others).

So what do we do? Never put any effort for anything?

No, putting effort in the moment for some work we are doing is okay, and even necessary. The problem arises when we expect results from our effort.

Remember, expectations are always a thing of the future. A moment that hasn’t arrived yet. We need to stop those expectations, let go of them.


Let life happen.

And see how free it feels — to be free from the burden of expectations and shoulds and musts.

Let life take it’s own twists and turns.

Let life flow — like a river, like a breeze.

Don’t drag it or build dams on it. Don’t try to contain it.

Let life bloom, spontaneously.

Do let me know about spontaneity in your life. What were some of the joys that life brought to you spontaneously?


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