2019 is finally here!

New Year, New You, New Me..

Resolutions and setting goals all around.

The month of January seems to be so full of activity. People making resolutions and trying to keep the resolutions. Eating healthy, exercising more, reading challenges and writing goals, stopping some habits and making some other habits.

We go on trying, trying, trying.

“We worship perfection because we can’t have it; if we had it, we would reject it. Perfection is inhuman, because humanity is imperfect.”

~ Fernando Pessoa

I just don’t get it!

I don’t understand!

Okay, I understand the setting of goals/habits since the year is changing on the calendar. We leave behind the last year and this year is a new beginning.

But can we just abandon and leave the last year, just like that?

It seems like we are more than eager to leave it behind ‘coz we don’t want to face the things we failed at. We don’t want to remember what all went wrong last year ‘coz why carry the burden when you can begin the new year and forget the past one, and anyways they do say not to carry the past, don’t they?

But we forget… that in being eager to leave the wrongs and our failures, we also abandon the happy moments and memories, all the good things that happened, all the wonderful things we did — for ourselves and for others.

Can you remember 12 good things you did? 

Maybe you helped someone, maybe you stood up for someone or for yourself, or maybe you did something that brought such joy in your heart!

Can you remember 12 wonderful unexpected things that happened to you?

Maybe someone was kind to you, maybe life surprised you with something you always wanted, or maybe you found a beautiful piece of music unexpectedly.

It’s these little moments.

And even the huge ones.

I’m not ready to leave 2018 just yet.

I’ve already let go of all the things that had brought me sadness, hurt or a failure.

No, I still want to hold on to all the good things that brought me happiness. All the wonderful moments. Joyful moments.

I want to keep them in my memory, and keep feeling grateful, eternally.

Of course, we should let go of all the burdensome past to feel free in the new year.

But no one said it’s necessary to leave the whole year, and the joyful moments that make us feel grateful.

2018 wasn’t a great year for me as such. There was a lot of struggle, but the moments… countless moments of joy, of love, of being together with family, of feeling fearless about my decision to quit college, of aloneness, of writing and discovering my own writing ways, of the laughters, of being together and all the smiles..

I don’t want to resolve anything. I just want to keep these moments and keep feeling eternally grateful for them. 

I wanted to live… and I am living, each moment, each day.

What more can one want from Life?

Being content at where one is. Doing what feels right.

Being kind, being loving.

That’s all there is to Life.. to this mysterious amazing Life!

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