There are moments that cry out to be fulfilled.
Like, telling someone you love them.
Or giving your money away, all of it.

Your heart is beating, isn’t it?
You’re not in chains, are you?

There is nothing more pathetic than caution
when headlong might save a life,
even, possibly, your own.

~ Mary Oliver, ‘Felicity’

Some poems reveal a wisdom snippet in the simplest of way.
This is one of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver from her book of poetry called Felicity.
The last three lines esp. say,
‘Don’t be cautious’,
‘Dive in head first into moments that cry out to be fulfilled — don’t overthink!’
‘It may save a life — even your own.’

How easily we fear these moments!
We think and think and still don’t go for it when that’s what we really want
when there are no chains restraining us..
Go headlong, dive in straight!

This is just my perspective. How this poem makes me see and feel!
If you see a different perspective in this poem, do comment. I’d love to hear!

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