The phrases “Be yourself” and “Love yourself” have been so overused in the last decade to the point of them becoming like a mantra. We chant it, without really knowing what it means.

The Greek Aphorism “Know thyself” which had been inscribed in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, has also been attributed to not just Socrates, Plato and philosophers and poets, but also to many modern authors and also referenced in movies like The Matrix.

We keep seeing so many quotes on social media today, everyone expressing “be yourself” in one form or another.

Know thyself
Know Thyself inscription

But what does it mean to really BE yourself?
For, you would only be yourself, when you know who you are, when you Know yourself.
Hence, the little history lesson on “Know thyself” above. 😉

What does it mean to know yourself?
Do you know who you are, apart from the identities that you were given?

Your name, family background and all that is an identity.
But does that define who you really are, within?

Your education and knowledge, degrees, or what work you do, again they are an identity.
But do they define who you really are, within?

Who are you, within this body, within your mind?
That is the eternal question.
I have been plagued by that question too, for a long time now. And to be honest, I’m still searching for an exact answer.

One thing I know is that there is something within that is pure,
that guides me when I feel lost,
that whispers to me the answers that I’ve been seeking,
that helps me to let go,
that keeps nudging me to follow nothing and nobody except its voice,
I keep following it, mesmerized,
it has always protected me,
when I follow it, I feel a joy, aliveness,
when I don’t listen to it, I feel suffocated, wanting to run away,
it’s like an inner voice
that is beyond the mind and its chatter.
I call it the voice of my Heart.

So, even though I have all these other identities.. of being a daughter, sister, girlfriend, all this formal educational knowledge, and all these past thoughts and experiences.. I still like to be identified with this inner voice more than these outer identities at any given time.

So if you ask me if I know who I am.. I don’t know exactly. But I am this Heart of mine.

It’s vague because it works in its own mysterious ways, I don’t always hear its voice. And so sometimes, I start to feel lost when I adapt to how other people want me to be, or how they want me to behave. I keep adapting to others’ expectations and then suddenly one day, I cannot.. because the voice within suddenly jumps up and shouts, Enough! Lol. I still don’t know how it works and I cannot explain it either.

Sometimes people misunderstand, they think ‘Everything was okay and now suddenly what happened to her?’ Nothing happens suddenly, but this is a drawback of having an introverted personality. A lot more goes on within than what we are able to express outside.

My Heart has its own ways.

But I cannot ‘not listen’ to my Heart.

We all have this inner voice of our Hearts.
Sometimes it’s barely a whisper.
Sometimes we ignore it even when we have heard it because, “what would others say?”
And if we have stopped listening to it altogether, it stops whispering to us.. leading to us feeling lost or stuck in our lives.

Whenever you’re feeling lost, or feeling utterly miserable about something..
Just pause.
Take your time and listen.
Maybe an hour or even more.
Keep aside your phone or any other distractions.
Just listen.
And your Heart will whisper.
It will speak to you. Guide you.

Being true to yourself does not mean doing what you like, or not doing something that you dislike.
Being true to yourself means listening to your own Heart. And following it no matter what.

The society or the people may say or ask or even be flabbergasted by it. They might not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

But it doesn’t have to make sense to them.
It only has to make sense to you.

Like, e. e. cummings says,e e cummings quote

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Being authentic is listening to your Heart.
Don’t let the chatter of your mind subdue that inner voice.
Don’t let the opinions or advice of anyone steer you away from following your Heart. (And that includes my opinions too! 😉 )

Just listen
to your own Heart,
and Trust it.
It will take you on joyous adventures!

I will write about some of my adventures soon.
Let the happiness bloom! 😉

Read about the story behind Wholeness, Blooming! here on About me.

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